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Arizona WP Meetup

These are the notes and resources for the talk I gave on How To Do SEO. Below you will find links to the slide deck I used, the tools for keyword research, link building, and learning more about each aspect discussed in my presentation.

Slide Deck

What is SEO

People type keywords into search engines, results come up. SEO is figuring out what relevant keywords people search for, and optimizing our site for those keywords. Then we have other websites point to us with hyperlinks. This tells Google we are the authority on that keyword.

Search Engine Market Share

I discussed Search Engine Market Share Worldwide, and Search Engine Market Share United States Of America. Google is the 800 Lbs Gorilla of Search.


We discussed a couple of ways to do keyword research, such as using Google's type ahead feature. To do this in mass, I recommend ScrapeBox, but don't use it's comment spam feature please!

Other ways include using paid services like SEMRush and LongTailPro which not only find good keywords, but also give you search volume and competition.

It is important to remember to balance volume, competition, and buyer intent. If a person searches for something like Free WordPress Theme, they aren't looking to spend money. If they search for Premium WordPress Theme They are looking to buy.

If the keyword only has a volume of 10, you wont get enough traffic to make it worth the effort. If Premium WordPress Theme has 2500 searches, you will get a lot more traffic.

If the keyword has a lot of competition, it might be better to target something with less difficulty.

Keyword Research Options

Rank Factors

We talked about how there are over 200 Ranking Factors in Google’s algorithm. But only only a few really move the needle. If you can't sleep, try reading the Google Thesis by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization could be a year long course, but instead, I have added some links to help you get started.

Link Building

The best advice I can give for link building is slow and steady wins the race. You need a diverse amount of links coming to your site. From profile links, guest posts, home page links from authority sites, press releases and more.

Learning Resources

While not an exhaustive list, here are several resources to get you started learning how to do your own SEO.




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